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Spade and Auger Newsletter
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Jim Turenne, Editor
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Special 30 Year Edition: Volume 1, Number 1, Summer 1977 Spade and Auger

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Fall 2010



Summer 09




Fall 2008

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Martha's Vineyard Tour
Soil Data on phone
Annual Meetings
Silver Spade Award
Soil Judging
Soil Judging
Winter/Spring Workshops
NRCS Updates
Wetland Workshops
New Hats/Shirts
Soils on the Web
Roadside Geology of RI/CT Review
2009 NCSS Conference
Presidentís Message
New Members
Soil Judging
NRCS Updates
Northeast NCSS Conference
09 Activities
CT Work Planning Conference.
Winter 2008

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Presidentís Message
New Members
Site Specific Soil Mapping
Historic Soil Docs
2007 Soil Judging
Soils in the News
Recent Advances Meeting
RI Hot Spot
MA. Regulatory Updates
NRCS Updates
1st Spade and Auger
Fall 2006

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Pete Fletcher ASA Award
A World Concealed
New Members
Hemmingway's Tribute to Soil
Membership Declines
Mass Soil Evaluators
Red Soil Tour
Soil Taxonomy
Soil Mapping Detail in Maine
Soil Judging
NRCS Update
Annual Meeting
Spring 2006

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Presidentís Message
Soil Survey, survey
2006 Events
Google Earth Soil Observation Points
Soil Survey Restructures
Ethics Complaints
Soil Survey Leaders Visit RI
Soil Judging National Competition

Fall 2005

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Presidentís Message
Web Soil Survey
Welcome New Members
SSSSNE Spring Workshop
SSSSNE President Interviewed by Local News
Smithsonian Soil Exhibit
URI Soil Judging Team
Hydric Soil Tour 2005
Mass. Title V Hearings
Google Earth Soils
Spring 2005

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New Publications
Northeast Forest Soil
Soil Data Mart
Spring Workshop
Soil Genesis Course
3rd Party Reviews
URI Soil Judging Team
Riparian Wetland Soils
Red Soils all Over



Fall 2004

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Presidentís Message
Soil Poll
Ed Sauter Fund
Soil Judging
2004 Annual Meeting
Walter Gonick
Soil Hydrology Workshop
NCSS Retirements
NETCHS Hydric Soil Tour
Soil Survey Horizons
  Spring 2004

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Presidents Message
ARCPACS Certification
Frigid Histosols
Soil Judging Competition
Version 3 released
Society members Lewis Ilgen and Richard Marx
Robert Grossman
New NRCS Mapper
Hydric Soil Workshop
We want to hear from you
  Winter 2004

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Presidents Message
Book Review: Living Ice
Soil Taxonomy, 9th ed
Certification of Soil Scientists
MA Soil Survey changes
UNH Soil Classes
World Congress of Soils
CT. DEP Wetland Report

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